Menu for Buffet meal  Price per head STARTER Fresh bread and butter (Included) Fresh salad (with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,  (Included) onion, feta cheese, blue cheese, sweet peppers, mushrooms, carrots and gherkins) served with a selection of alad dressings. With one of the following starters  (R20.00)  With two of the following starters (R30.00) With three of the following starters (R40.00)   Seafood cocktail  Spanakopita (Spinach pie) Litchi-, paw paw- and Parma ham cocktail.  Seafood soup. Crab and chicken packages. Chicken and vegetable samoosas Crumbed Haloumi cheese Potato and leek soup Mushrooms stuffed with ham and cheese Fishcakes  Mielie and tuna soup    Prawn Torpedoes Spicy chicken wings Filled pancakes  Chicken- and pork sautéed with peanut sauce  Crumbed mushrooms  next